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Edison Gazette has been my pen-name (Douglas W Jerving) since 1977.

The original Edison Gazette website is no longer my domain. Someone bought it after I relinquished it in 2003. I wish I had kept the domain name rights since I no longer have control over what gets published there. We live and learn!

In 1977 I was nineteen years old, and had recently re-committed my life to Jesus Christ. I began on my own a study of Biblical theology and ethics, and was very much aware of the calling of God on my life to a teaching and writing ministry. I also was aware, even then, that I would never be allowed to live by that ministry, but that it would always be a labor of love; one done simply for the joy of God's kingdom. Soon I began writing satirical commentary on the social phenomena pertaining to the times in which I lived. I "published" those ideas under the pen name "Edison Gazette", posting them on the bulletin board of the Cousins Subs sandwich shop where I worked. (I worked at their very first shop before they hit the big time!)

In the late 90’s I began writing the website as an extension of the off-line writ.

The old site was dedicated mostly to eBook reviews and sales. Obviously, I got a bit side-tracked, and I never did make any serious money, although I did learn a whole lot about writing for ad copy. But that was never my goal or heart. I always wanted to return to my poetry and social commentary.

This site is simpler in layout; it is built around my creative endeavors mostly to the exclusion of monetary interests. There are, at times, a few adverts here, but only enough to help support the cost of keeping the site active. The website is dedicated to my meditations and cogitations as a Christian thinker, writer and artist.

Thomas Edison is known as the inventor of the light bulb, and the democritization of electrical power. (That may be true in popular thinking, if not scientific exactness, but Nicola Tesla is the real unsung hero. Maybe this site should have been called the New Tesla Gazette. But that is water under the bridge after thirty-seven years.) The New Edison Gazette is dedicated to enlightenment in all areas of thought. The New Edison Gazette consists of my writings, reviews, and art about contemporary life. It is a Gazette. Since the thoughts contained here are based on the New Life we find in Jesus Christ, this is the NEW version of that original site. The is, therefore, equivalent to New Light News.

Here you will find my writing, my poetry and art. I'm not selling anything unless you count my opinion. Writing is my life. Without it I have no voice. Art is my heart. I have worked as an artist in oils all my life, and as a poet for just as long. You can now find my art portfolio online for the first time.

This site is evolving, as all websites do. I have started simply, but I am sure this will change, but not so much as to move beyond this original statement of purpose.

Doug Jerving

"If you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by all means try it!" --W. Clement Stone

Most Recent Posts

Epictitus and Kia

by Douglas W Jerving © February 5, 2017


New pic of the recently discovered planet in the K93 Plexis solar system from NASSA. This is probably the best composite to date of Epictitus. It shows the gaseous nebuolic clouds, the mercury terra-form red madder, and dark dead-zones. Best of all it captures the orange moon Kia just above the major dead-zone of the planet. www.nassa.gv/k93plex/ep/653fec-b6095kf0ffofd;0098-WTF?.php Originally posted on www.myfakenewsgoodasonion.orig.ami

What is Usenet?

by Douglas W Jerving © April 24, 2016



Most people have never heard of it. And that is a good thing. The more who know about it the more it becomes a target for government and corporate interference. If Al Gore created the Internet (Hah!) Usenet preceded him, and is still the greatest source of information on any subject you want to learn about. It may at times require more work, and sometimes a lot of patience, but eventually anything you want is available there.

Usenet is also known as News servers on your email. Most of the older email programs gave the user the ability to access news servers, but 99 percent of email users never knew it was available. Outlook Express was how I first learned about news servers about eight years ago. At first it was all text based, but like email, the digital format soon became capable of anything modern email is capable of doing. Usenet is basically a dedicated email service. It is not based on the internet at all.

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A Critique of Alkyd Paints: Part One

by Douglas W Jerving © April 3, 2016

Wind Flowers, Doug Jerving, 2016

A few months ago I received a very large discount coupon from Michaels Arts and Crafts. Previously, I had been looking at some of the amazing tiny canvas-board artworks that were used as promotionals for the Pebio Mixed Media alkyd paints. They looked like something my wife, who does a lot of craft-oriented painting, might like. On a whim I bought a very small $12 set of the paints which she proceeded to never use. Still, I was interested, and since I now had that huge discount, and only a few days before it expired, I purchased the next larger set for my own experimentation. I got a nearly $40 set of twelve paints for just a bit more than that $12 starter kit. Such a deal, such a deal!

One month later. Tonight I was slightly bored and needed to change the routine. I saw the carton of those paints sitting next to my art table the other day, and so tonight I pulled them out.

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Jeremiah and the Babylonian Captivity

by Douglas W Jerving © January 1, 2016

70 year captivity chart. Thanks to Steve Rudd,and, © Aug 2015.

The prophet Jeremiah was often viewed as a traitor against the Judean state, and a strong voice of dissent against the rebel alliances they made with the other nation states. He was constantly in trouble with the government, and was several times saved only by the fact that his hated message was in alignment with all the recognized prophets of the past, particularly Moses, whose writings could not be contravened.

Based on the Mosaic covenantal blessings and curses Jeremiah insists that Israel/Judah will experience a seventy year diaspora; one year of captivity for every year that the Israelites did not officially celebrate the seventh year as an agricultural, or “land” Sabbath, or the fiftieth year as a "Jubilee" Sabbath.

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What is the Real Value of Your Degree?

by Douglas W Jerving © December 26, 2015

Age of the Geek, Baby!

Tonight I am moving on to the Photoshop Intermediate level courses after nearly two years on beginning courses, which are equivalent to an Associates degree. After gaining all my certificates in the Intermediate courses, I think I will have the equivalent of a Bachelors degree training.

I think I am getting a better education for a lot less money by studying outside of a traditional campus and on my own time.

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Evangelism and Apologetics

by Douglas W Jerving © December 13, 2015


"When I began, Christianity came before the great mass of my unbelieving fellow-countrymen either in the highly emotional form offered by revivalists or in the unintelligible language of highly cultured clergymen. Most men were reached by neither."
-- CS Lewis, God in the Dock.

I have found this to be true. Emotional religion dies when the drudgery of every day life is returned to. (The day after the revival meeting when you go back to work.) Theology, for all my years of studying it and loving it, has always proven to bore to tears anyone I subjected to it.

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I Should Have Learned Latin

by Douglas W Jerving © November 29, 2015


It used to be a requirement for anyone going on to college level studies that he study Latin. Then in America, because of our cultural predispositions against Catholicism, we distanced ourselves from this tendency toward European linguistics. The fundamentalist fear of anything that smacked of Catholic indoctrination pushed the American study of the English language away from an understanding of its origins, which was basically Latin.

It is still a language worth studying. And I finally understand why.

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The Perfect Martini

by Douglas W Jerving © October 27, 2015


James Bond may be wrong, but he was closer to right than [the following] article about the best martini! On this I am a contrarian. It took me a lot of experimenting and bad martinis to come up with what I consider to be the best. And my favorite drink is a good martini. Read the article and after that I will post my recipe.

The perfect martini is unique to you. Here is mine.

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Are We Hunter-Gatherers?

by Douglas W Jerving © October 18, 2015

hunting and gathering

The concept that man is a "more evolved" version of hunter-gatherer ancestors is a bit to superficial for me. It seems that whatever we were before we became sophisticated androids with cell phones attached to our heads, it certainly was more complex than our shallow misconceptions lead us to believe.

The terms hunter-gatherer tend to denigrate those ancient folk, who often times were far more skilled than we are in many things.

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An Argument From Silence

by Douglas W Jerving © October 2, 2015


The Fermi paradox asks why there is no evidence of extra-terrestrial communications in the universe if the universe is theoretically populated by other higher life-forms like our own. “Like our own” assumes that we are a higher life-form on an evolutionary scale, and therefore equivalent, or nearly so, to other sentient intelligents; i.e., living and thinking beings. (May we therefore assume that all thinking existents are therefore living, or conversely that all living things think?)

The Fermi paradox questions why we have found no evidence of intelligence even though we live in a universe that implies intelligent existence outside our own planet or solar system.

Edward Snowden, the recent expatriate to Russia, and newly brilliant computer programmer turned scientist/philosopher, has answered this for us! Why did we not think of this before?

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The Final Blood Moon

by Douglas W Jerving © September 27, 2015

Hagee Blood Moons

I am writing this at 4:29 am CST, September 27, 2015.

In 17 hours and 20 minutes (minus the time it takes to finish writing this) the world will have come to an end. The final blood moon will have arisen as a sure and certain proof that the apocalypse is upon us or at least upon them (since we will be in heaven smugly snickering at all those unbelievers).

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Learning Spanish

by Douglas W Jerving © September 27, 2015


I recently began a 3 month subscription to the Babbel Spanish (online courses), and I'm about 10 days into the first month. I probably will not renew it. I am learning from it, but it is frustrating. I spend an inordinate amount of time clicking back and forth through the material. That is time that could be used immersing myself in the language rather than the web pages. Almost nothing is explained as far as how to use the site, so you have to learn it by trial and error.

A larger problem for me is that Babbel is designed around a learning system that is a throwback to older high-school secondary language studies (circa 1970’s)....

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Now I Have to Think of Something

by Douglas W Jerving © September 9, 2015


Writing is not typically an immediate event. Not for me anyway. I have a lot of things on my mind, and they are typically stream of conscious oriented. But I tend to over-analyze every thought, and rewrite every word. My blog is an attempt to move beyond that fault and just say what needs to be said. It does not always make sense as far as I interpret sense, until the over-analysis part of me inputs a constraint upon it.

I write because I have to. It is me, like a fish breathes through water, I breathe through the percussion of ideas. I am oxygenated by the reverberation of concepts as they come in conflict with the gills of my being - the only being I can be aware of in this life.

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A Question

by Douglas W Jerving © July 12, 2015


I like what a FB friend recently said. To paraphrase: Hello FB friends! What are we pissed off about today?

I understand. That seems to be what this is all about to often. It is called social networking; a place for people to come together, help and support and love one another. In a very real sense, FB is a secular version of Church.

Unfortunately, like going to church, FB and other social media, have devolved into a forum for politely (or not) expressing grievances, whether real or pretended.

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Earth Science and Art

by Douglas W Jerving © June 7, 2015


Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Wax and Ink. Apparently these are not the elements of which the universe is made. At least not always the last two.

At work we date-print corrugated boxes containing our product before shipping. I salvaged some of the ink we were disposing to see what I could do with it. (You know, typical artist, always trying to come up with some new thing.)

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Preparing the Heart

by Douglas W Jerving © June 6, 2015

open heart

If you want to get good at some thing you have to use it daily; do it repeatedly; study it unconditionally, and serve it against all opposition. Truth is no less so. There always will be opponents.

Here I will be rambling for a while about things you may think are useless information. But in the end you will see how it all ties in to the above. Bear with me, please, as I adumbrate upon the value of learning the Word of God or any other valuable information before it is no longer available to you.

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Newest Poetry From 2015-2016

by Douglas W Jerving © 2015-16


The Interlopers

The Epistle of Joy

My Bad Dream

Internettum Ad Hominem

Working into the Night

A few of my favorite quotes:

By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.
-Robert Frost.

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains, and we never even know we have the key.
-The Eagles.

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force! Like fire it is a troublesome servant and a fearful master.
-George Washington.

War is the world's favorite spectator sport.
-Capt. Benjamin Franklin (Hawkeye) Pierce of MASH 4077. [MASH TV series.]

Never apologize, never explain, never retract; get it done and let 'em holler.

Let the little dogs bark.

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