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Culture Wars:
Is there anyone who is not yet convinced that we live in changing times? Some would say that we are at the end of times. But "times, they are a-changing" always, and in some nations and cultures they change slowly and others with great speed. Often times as Christian thinkers we are tempted to default our theology and ethics to the surrounding culture rather than transforming the culture around us. We are in a perennial struggle to establish the Kingdom of God within the territories He has given to us, and also to uproot the mycellium growth of the latent culture surrounding us; the mushrooms of our times. Here we present ideas significant to the cult, whether that is the culture of Christian idealism or the modern cult/cultures of post- modernism, atheism, Christian sentimentalism, or what ever other sort of cultural-ism exists that is not in conformity to the Word of God as expressed in the sixty-six books of the Bible.

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